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Hi, I'm Rishi.

I help companies and individuals translate their ideas+imagination to tangible outcomes.


What I can do for you

Product & Strategy design

Taking learnings from cultures, championing products, building strategy, and taking it to market.

Sense making

I help you make sense of the unknown, extract signals from noise and help you get the desired future.

Future synthesis

I help you synthesis the future. How would humans, culture, product and the world change 10, 20, 30 years from now?


Insights from failed experiments, launching products and survival guide for various markets.

Find your story

Uncover patterns buried under life experiences to create the most authentic and powerful brand you deserve to be.

101 Workshops

I teach a workshop series where you can learn 101s of everything - from business, design to tech.

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Select Work

 Surge Send Product + Marketing + Growth etc.

A new age file transfer product that makes secure file transfer easy, fast, instant and secure. >>

Arduino For Kids Author

Learning science + design + physical computing and prototyping with Arduinos through storytelling. >>

Kaavadia Founder

Connecting generations through the age old art of story telling, powered by AI. >>

Disaster Reporting System  Creator

Floating cameras to collect data in flood affected areas. >>

Buzz for POLY Concept + Lead Engineer

What if a plant can tell you it is thirsty? >>

Live Still Life Art Architect + Engineer

Still life art, streamed to a screen near you. Project built in collaboration with Dutch artists >>

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Forbes 30 under 30  |  Author  |  Intel Software Innovator | 25 under 25 Science & Tech | Storyteller | Kaavadia | Product GuyRigorous experimenterHabit hacker.

I live somewhere at the intersection of storytelling, art, design and technology - in that order. 

I live stories‚ build technology‚ write poetry and sing occasionally. I live between what is, and what will be.


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