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Clarity Coaching

I help individuals get clarity in who they are, discover underlying patterns that have guided them, enable them to reorient their compass toward where they would like to be, and build a plan that takes them there.


What is Clarity Coaching?

Upstream of any and all impact is Clarity.

Clarity in who you are,

Clarity in what are your superpowers, 

Clarity on what have been the underlying belief systems that have helped you come this far,
Clarity in what will help you re-orient your compass towards the next leg of your journey,

Clarity in how to get there.

I believe that humans are just story traders, buying and selling stories, some to others but mostly to ourselves. When we find clarity, we start seeing the stories we have been telling ourselves. Once we know those stories, we can start changing them to what suits the version of ourselves that we want to become.

Through a series of questions, and dialogues, I help you get to that clarity, in a pre-discussed time-bound active engagement.  

It is this clarity that holds the energy to create the impact essential for us to self-actualize. 

This started as a passion project as I helped people find clarity. All of them were guided by what they knew about themselves and what I knew of them. Now, after 5 years of doing this, I use a specific process for discovery. I am not a qualified mental health professional, and my coaching does not replace a therapists.


Through experimentation and iteration, I have noticed that we either arrive at clarity by the 5th hour of active work, or we realize that more reflection and self-inquiry are essential for us to move forward. We walk away with deeper and sharper clarity after each conversation. We decide how we succeed and we know when we stop making progress. We work with extremely clear communication or we don't work at all. 

Who is this for?

This exercise is designed for people who are trying to stitch together various experiences, habits, hobbies, projects, and passions and answer one question Who am I? Who can I really be? How do I become that which I am capable of? What is the narrative I was telling myself and how do I change it?

We find causation of what you do as a function of who you are, not the other way around. Everything is connected, always.
Just as your inclination towards performance arts as a child will compel you to explore more artistic avenues as an adult, your inclination towards characters and stories will compel you to discover characters in people as an adult (as has been my case). 


The people who have seen the most impact out of this exercise are:
1. Individuals trying to figure out what their true, authentic self is, what their skills are, and what is impact they are capable of creating in this world.

2. Individuals who know they hold more potential in them than they have realized so far and don't know how to tap into that. 

3. Individuals who don't yet know who or what is holding them back from the work they want to do or the life they want to lead. 


Here's what you will get toward the end of the coaching engagement:

  1. The clarity in your patterns through life and career: Find out how they are connected and how experiences have shaped your life and career so far

  2. The clarity in how to reorient your life toward whom you want to be 

  3. Support in becoming the new self you would like to become.

Steps to work together:

1. You reach out via email or via the link below. 

2. I share questions and details about commercials (typically in a sliding scale). 

3. We speak decide to get on a first call and take it from there. 


Some of my past clients have been artists, founders, seasoned entrepreneurs, senior executives trying to rediscover their true identities, and Forbes under 30 listers.


Some of the cities they live in are New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Bangalore.

Still curious?

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