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Sense Making

I help you make sense of the unknown, extract signals from noise and help you get the desired future.

I work with companies and individuals to discover and make sense of the unknown.

My method is simple. I ask a series of questions informed by my background in empathy, human insight, products, technology and business.

I love bringing structure to chaos, going inward & zooming out when needed to ensure I can help you expose the signal out of the noise. Once we expose the signal, we double click on it and find out where the true potential of an idea exists.

Once the insight is exposed, I then work with my clients to build the right amplifiers for it and help them decide how to use that signal in the context of an idea, product or business.

Case 1:

Noise —> question —> insight —> articulation —> exposure —> take a direction.

Case 2:

Ideas —> human insight —> [Hypothesis, assumptions - breaking them 1 by 1, testing and measuring them] —> refine the idea —> decide the next steps.


First, call —> brief —> decide on duration and goals —> 1-hour call —> decide if/how we want to continue.


This exercise is heavy on mental resources and often take a few hours to start unpacking. If you are currently sitting with a problem statement, idea or trying to throw light into a direction with a lot of unknowns, please get in touch.

My clients include executives at Fortune 30 companies, PhD candidates, startup founders and designers. If you would like to make sense, let’s talk!

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