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Find your story

I help individuals in various levels of their careers to uncover underlying patterns of their lives with one aim, to discover their most authentic story yet.

About the exercise:

This exercise helps you uncover what your true strengths are and instead of telling a story of what you do cluttered with achievements and accolades (which distracts people from learning who you are), you speak about the WHYs of what you do & did in the past. This builds inherent trust and makes all the difference. 

The nature of the exercise is intense. It isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain kind of person to take the journey inward and be true to themselves to find their stories. However, the ones who do find themselves becoming more in tune with themselves thereby reinforcing authenticity.

This started as a passion project as I helped people fine-tune personal stories. All of them were guided by what they knew about themselves and what I knew of them. Now, I use a specific process to help uncover these patterns for everyone.

Who is this for?

This exercise is designed for people who are trying to stitch together various experiences, habits, hobbies, projects and passions into one holistic story. Everything is connected, always.
Just as your inclination towards performance arts as a child will compel you to explore more artistic avenues as an adult, your inclination towards characters and stories will compel you to discover characters in people as an adult (as has been my case). 


The people who have seen the most impact out of this exercise are:
1. Founders & Innovators who are wanting to stand out with their own story instead of getting lost in numbers and figures.

2. CXOs trying to align themselves to the culture and building their own.

3. Senior corporate executives attempting to rediscover their strengths and a story that communicates who they truly are.


Here's what you will get towards the end of the exercise:

  1. Your patterns through life and career: Find out how they are connected and how experiences have shaped up your career so far

  2. Insights about: who you are as a person, what drives you to do new things, what makes you stay when the times get tough 

  3. Your goals, missions and driving factors

  4. Your triggers, hooks and traction points

  5. Your passion, your craft 

  6. Your brand and archetype

  7. Your consolidated story 

  8. Anecdotes from life and career and positioning them for the desired brand story.

  9. Applying them to your profile.


Some of my clients are C-level executives, founders, seasoned entrepreneurs, senior executives trying to rediscover their true identity and Forbes under 30 listers.


Some of the cities they live in: New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Bangalore.

Still curious?

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