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  • Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar

My GrowthX Bootcamp experience

Books are my go-to to learn everything I want to learn. I sometimes humour myself, if Elon learns everything through books, why can’t I? But there is only so much you can do from acquiring content but being unable to put it into the right context.

In March 2020, I was already reaching the upper bounds of what I could have learnt on my own in the world of product growth. It is always much harder and more expensive to draw the path forward if you have a shaky litmus test (or no litmus test) of what a good signal or a bad signal is. In my case, leading the product just by myself, since I think I understood the users, hunches worked pretty well most of the time. But hunches don’t enable product growth - systems and strategies do. Every single book I could get my hands on, I read it from cover to cover, made extensive notes, but my ability to verify the quality of signals didn’t get any better. Until, one fine day, through a friend of a friend I came across Abhishek’s app marketing master class.

This was the first time I was able to take everything I had learnt through reading and experimentation and ground it in the right context. These 6 hours or so of the master class pushed me at least 6 months ahead in my own journey of learning and execution, and before I knew it, I was able to not just identify signals at every step of the user journey, but also back each of the steps with the right data.

A few months later, while in the middle of the pandemic, our product was now facing interesting new challenges, my skills were being tested again and while the systems and structures I had put in place were keeping things under control, growth was an area I knew I would need more support with. The efforts seemed logical, but something wasn’t fundamentally right, and there was no way for me to find out what it was. This is where GrowthX showed up.

GrowthX team: Abhishek and Udayan (UD) know their shit. There is no doubt it. Don’t look at their credentials and success stories, just listen to them. But you know what is unique? They know how to break it down and make that learning external and actionable. They zoom out and zoom in beautifully.

You could be a founder trying to figure out where you go from where you are, to a product manager trying to sharpen skills or just curious to see what growth looks like- up and close. Abhishek and UD know how to bring everyone on the same page, and move them forward together. This is an incredibly rare and valuable skill. My man Manish creates an environment where learning is possible, there is an equal opportunity for the right questions and the community thrives.

The modules:

Each and every module has been designed very meticulously. The modules are high on context, have a lot of depth, actionable and the frameworks introduced by GrowthX are tried, tested and work. What I like about the Bootcamp is this: whatever you learn on Sunday, you can go back and implement it at work on Monday. Really. In those 6 weeks and the many months that have followed, the experience has been very different.

How it has helped me?

Well, the workshop helped me ask deeper and fundamental questions about users, about the product and how each part of their journey is so tightly interlinked with the next one. The questions are backed with deeper insights, frameworks and the right methods to implement them quickly. In my new role, all of these concepts are showing up and how. The Bootcamp has changed not only how I look at products and their growth, but how I look differently at things I do myself. For instance, when I write a blog, when I am speaking about a concept to another friend, I constantly evaluate everything I do with some fundamental concepts I walked away with. (If I write about this, it will probably end up being a book on its own).

Will the Bootcamp get you a job?

Who knows. But it will make you really f**king good at your current job. And that is the right metric to optimise for ;)

If you are curious, it is easier if you write to me, or speak with me. I’m always happy to chat. Reach out if you’d like to talk. If you are reading this, you know how to find me :)

Find here what you can not Google. Everything you must know about Growth and more, you will find here. You already know what you know, now, go deeper with GrowthX.


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