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  • Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar

why am i writing this blog

This is more of a thing I am telling myself than I am telling the world. The reason why I am here to set out these thoughts and experiences is because I have sometimes (more often than I’d like to admit) looked deep into the eyes of the future and seen a possibility that one day I may wake up and not remember anything I know about myself and lose my identity completely. So this is attempt at documenting life, thoughts and experiences where I can come back to in the future and see who I was once.

A friend of mine asked me to do an exercise where I ask myself some fundamental questions and do that over the years and see how I evolve or devolve. I have done this exercise almost every year since. And I have in fact seen myself change. You see, it’s one thing to wake up one day and see the sun birthing leaves and the flowers slowly perfuming the world around you, but I really like the process as much as I like the final output. And this is what I’d like to do with my own life too, to have a place where I can see how I grew.

So if you are here Rishi, reading this whatever year in the future. This is why you started writing and remember to stop at nothing.

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